We collaborate with other South African businesses who can add to your specific food and drink needs.

Our Collaborations

Our South African Bussiness Collaborations

We Collaborate with World Class South African businesses to provide you with the best catering services.

Billy Tong

Premium Surrey based Artisan Biltong and Droewors company, providing 16 flavours of your favourite South African snack. Made with love by South Africans living in the UK.

How to Buy:

Billytong can be purchased locally from the Cobham KT11 area by contacting Mark on 07789755504 or arranging to collect in Cobham or have a free local delivery.

If you are not local or prefer to purchase online, please find our amazing value deals, where you can buy and share with friends and family

We Sell:

We are also found at the following farmers markets selling our products.

Those wishing to buy on a wholesale basis can also do so – we love working with local businesses keen to stock our products!


Please email for further information


We rent and sell gazebos to:


Kickass Koeksisters

A taste of home is all you need sometimes to get rid of that longing
pang to be surrounded by all the comforts you grew up with. I’m here to
fulfill that wish with a crispy on the outside and oozy on the inside
koeksister to bring a smile to your heart. We’re all in this together
and we make it easier by supporting each other in any way we can. Lief
julle kwaai.
Please get in touch to place an order. I do cater to special requests so
please don’t hesitate to ask.
Facebook page reviews:
CONTACT 07492 683 427